Le Spose Di Gio

Italian style.

The well-known and internationally highly-regarded Made in Italy has enabled our Italian products to gain throughout the years value and good reputation in the various product groups.

This means that a product is entirely produced in Italy, from the design and work on paper to the finished product ready to be sold.

Italian tailoring tradition represents a resource that the entire world envies and copies; this is why we have chosen as our company philosophy to produce all our dresses exclusively in Italy and with national fabrics, as we believe that the difference shall not only be seen but also felt when wearing them.

Our bridal gowns are entirely produced in Milan, with Italian fabrics according to the best tailoring tradition that we carry on since more than thirty years. Our team of dressmakers,cutters, embroiderers, guarantees an high qualitative standard and an extreme easiness in making adjustments. The dresses by GiĆ² are produced after a careful fitting and choice of the fabrics. The cut and the materials of our dresses are unique and it is important to wear them to understand the difference.

The fabric can be distinguished by the freshness typical of pure silk. Natural fabrics such as silk are therefore light and transpiring and make the wedding dress delicate and natural. Synthetic fabrics instead make it heavier and difficult to wear for an entire day.

The proximity of our workshop enable us to offer to our customers a prompt and flexible service : we are therefore able to tailor a dress in a very short period of time and we can offer you a 360-degree tailoring service. You will have the possibility not only to change the fabric of the sample dress, but also to customize your gown making changes and mixing different models, according to your wedding needs and taste. A tailor-made service that allows you to try on sample models to have an idea of how they will look like once tailored.