Jesus Peiro

Jesus Peiro

Merche Segarra

When she was only eight years old, Merche Segarra created – unsuspectingly – her first bridal design on the occasion of her first communion.

She was born in 1964 into a family dedicated to the graphic arts, in which art and aesthetics were part of the home environment. One way or another, this influence led her to choose Fine Arts as a university degree.

Three years on, she decided to combine her art studies with fashion design, driven by the excitement of the creativity involved. After completing her training in Milan, Merche initiated a professional career that would take her into the world of bridal fashion and to the Jesús Peiró firm, which she joined in 2003.

Women and the modern world they live in are her sources of inspiration. She loves being able to create something both useful and aesthetic. Wedding dresses are very special garments that can only partially reflect the fashion trends of each season. However, the designer ensures that these are in evidence to create a “updated classical” style that identifies the Jesús Peiró brand and merges all the elements to create novel proposals for each collection.

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